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Antares, The Rival Of Mars

What is Mars called in Indian Astronomy? He
is Angaraka, the fiery planet. He has two moons, Phobos and Deimos, Dhooma and
Mrityu. He is the Defence Minister in the Government of the Almighty and ugg outlet
represents Administration. If he be badly placed in the horoscope, the native
will lack administrative ability.

If he be dominant on the Meridien, the
horoscope becomes powerful. ( Dasame Angarako Nasthi Jathake kim prayojanam ugg outlet store
? ) Galactic Center in Sag is known in Indian
Astronomy as Vishnu Nabhi.

Have you heard about Anti- Mars ? He is
called Antares, the rival of Mars. Ancient astronomers were struck by the
reddish hue of this star as it reminded them of the Red planet ! Antares is the
brightest star in ugg boots outlet
the constellation Scorpius and is a great sight to behold.

There is a photo of these two red giants at
Planet Antares. Lovely to behold, Mars appears about 25 degrees above the
horizon for north latitudes with Antares just below and to the left. Antares is
a star and is uggs
700 times large, 9000 times more luminous and about 15
times more massive than the Sun. This close approach of Antares and Mars is a
tremedous opportunity for star gazers, the twinkling star and non twinkling
planet !

You can also watch Mars and Spica, with
Spica twinkling and Mars not twinkling at Planet Antares Inc. Actually, stars
do not twinkle. Seen from Earth, they appear as twinkling. The beam of
starlight is ugg pas chere disturbed
by the tiny irregularities in temperature and pressure in the air above us and
this is what makes stars ” twinkle”. Scorpius and Sagittarius can be seen in
these photographs. The pearly white glow of the Milky Way can be observed. Also
our Galactic Center in Sagittarius。
Kate Fang
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