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How to remove blackhead

How to remove blackhead
It is very difficult to keep your hands off the blackhead or blemish that may appear on your skin. You always consciously or unconsciously, tend to squeeze your blackheads. But contrary to the popular beliefs, the fact is, "gentle removal of your blackheads" can actually help in reducing and preventing any further damage to your skin. But, the golden question here is how to remove a blackhead.

Following are some of the ways and means to remove blackheads with ease:

Light squeezing: You can remove the stuff from inside a blackhead with light handed squeezing Sonic Skin Cleansing. Such a process can actually help the skin. Yes, squeezing is detrimental to the skin, but how you squeeze determines whether it harms the skin or benefits it. Gentle is the key word and you have to be careful not to over squeeze it.

Using products for exfoliating: You can use some low potency benzoyl peroxide exfoliating product for removing dead skin cells. It is very effective on the blackheads and is mild to your skin as well. In this way you can remove even the most stubborn blackheads. Also, microdermabrasion can be used to remove stubborn blackheads.

Topical retinoids: Topical retinoids such as Retin-A help in battling against the blackheads, successfully. It also removes and prevents the formation of the blackheads. It reduces oil secretion and unclogs the pores by promoting normal functioning of the cells. However, it is a long process.

Chemical peels: Skin care products with salicyclic acid and chemical peels with glycolic acid are very useful in removing dead skin cells from the pores, effectively and quickly. However, you can not use them if you are already using topical retinoids.

Metallic Extractor: You can also take the help of a metallic extractor that has a small and round opening in the end. You can individually plug out each blackhead by using it. But, it must be done with utmost care to prevent scarring.

Blackhead strips: You can use blackhead strips which are tape like strips. Place the strip over the nose for 10 minutes or as directed on the cover of the strip. And pull off. The surface level blackheads will be successfully removed. This is an easy to use, quick and temporary method of removing blackheads. Always read the instructions on the pack carefully.

Diet/Food: You also need to alter your bad eating habits. You need to naturally reduce the oil production, initiate appropriate moisture for the skin and reduce acne. Drink lots of water and avoid oil food. Also, include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Cooked carbohydrates and fats are a big no no and use raw fats such as olive oil in your recipes.

Make up: This is a cosmetic tip but important for those who do not clear it of their skin. You need cosmetics that do not blocks your pores. That is, the non-comedogenic make up! Follow some tips- do not keep the make up when sweating. Use make up cleanser and properly remove the cosmetics of your skin. Also, keep your brushes, sponges clean.

Undoubtedly these methods will help you remove your blackheads Clarisonic uk, but along you need to follow a regular skin care regime to permanently remove your blackheads.

You cannot get rid of it completely in one go.

You can try this natural home remedy on an ongoing basis to get a clear complexion over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Scrub off in slow rotating motion to remove blackheads.

Getting rid of blemishes, pimples and blackheads calls for a regular skin care regimen which will guarantee a glowing complexion for you in the long run. in Ayurveda there are several remedies by which these blackheads can be totally removed.

1) Cinnamon powder when applied on the face shows effective results.

2) A mixture of coriander powder taken in a teaspoon with a pinch of turmeric powder is good in reducing blackheads best clarisonic.

3) Tomato is a rich source of Vitamin C. it makes the removal of blackheads easier. just apply on the face where those blackheads are present.

Above all if you think these are difficult 4 u to do then try doing

You can try out pore strips, some people say they work really well in getting rid of blackheads. Or you could go for facials, they are best solutions I would say but can be painful and expensive.

For long term solutions, practice hygiene and good skin cleansing regime. You should also practice a healthy diet and drinks lots of water for good skin.
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